Hints for the suspension of Nest Boxes


Please remember that trees can grow at different rates. Do not hammer the nails too far into the trunk.
When suspending boxes with a built in block (see Nuthatch, Owl and Bat Boxes) sufficient space should also be left between the head of the nail and the block.

Standard Hangers for Bird Boxes | DBP (patented)

Please note, that each SCHWEGLER standard nestbox is already delivered with hanger and nail.
The patented SCHWEGLER nestbox hangers are available for replacement even after decades.
Description of mounting: The special SCHWEGLER Aluminium Nail should be hammered halfway into the tree, inclined slightly upwards at an angle of approx. 45°. Tilt the nest box slightly and hook the eye of the hanger over the head of the nail as if you were doing up a button. The box can then be rested against the tree, as shown in Fig. 1 + 2.

The advantages of this type of mounting are:

  • The box can be checked from the ground or using the SCHWEGLER Lightweight Metal Ladder and Nest Boxes can be easily installed or removed.
  • Because SCHWEGLER Aluminium Nails have a smooth shaft, they can be easily removed from the tree trunk ­using pliers, even after many years. Unlike with grooved nails, only a small scar is left on the trunk.
  • The nesting box cannot be accidentally knocked off (eg. by a pole) because, unless the box is twisted to one side, the hanger cannot be pulled or knocked over the head of the nail. The loop of the hanger has a smaller diameter than the head of the nail.

"C-Block" for Nest Boxes

This oak block with its zinc-coated metal hooks and simple lock is ideal for the convenient hanging of nest boxes on tree trunks in parks and forests. Use together with our Nest Box Hanging Pole for the easy installation and removal of nest boxes.

Aluminium nails are supplied with our nest boxes and are therefore not included with the C-Blocks.

Standard Hangers for Bat Boxes

For installation and removal the loop and nail principle applies – please see above. The special shape of the hanger means that only one Aluminium Nail is required to hold the box in a stable position on the tree trunk, as preferred by Bats. To ensure firm contact between the back of the box and the tree trunk, the sides of the hanger can be pressed together to match the radius of the trunk.

Please note the additional information about installing Bat Boxes.