Every year countless numbers of Frogs, Toads, Newts and ­Salamanders are killed on the roads on their way to their spawning grounds.

In each location, hundreds and even thousands of animals can die. An effective and simple way of preventing this is to set up our Rescue Fence. This guides them safely towards containers which are buried in the ground and into which they safely fall. The animals are then regularly collected, brought over to the opposite side of the road and released near the ponds where they spawn.

The SCHWEGLER Amphibian Rescue Fence contains everything needed to provide rapid assistance. The highly tear-resistant HDPE synthetic fabric is suitable for all weathers and, being UV-stable, will last for many years. It is water- and dirt-repellant and is more effective at resisting gusts of wind than plastic sheets. Under practical conditions the material and the height of the fence have proved to be highly effective. The SCHWEGLER rescue fence for amphibians has been designed for temporary erection when the animals are migrating, and the emphasis is on rapid and flexible installation.