Amphibian Rescue Fence

Amphibian Rescue Fence

Container buried in the ground

Post with adjustable net holder

Rescued Toad


Amphibian Rescue Fence


» 100 m SCHWEGLER Amphibian Rescue Fence
(delivery including accessories)


100 m Rescue Fence includes:

  • 100 m green woven plastic netting, height 50 cm
  • 60 galvanized supporting posts
  • 60 height adjustable net holders
  • 100 galvanized pegs
  • 6 net connectors (used when joining two 100 m nets)
  • 10 buckets to catch the amphibians
  • assembly instructions

One of the advantages of the woven netting is its lightness, which ensures it does not billow in the wind and is not deformed by sunlight. However, the mesh is sufficiently small that Newts, etc., cannot slip through. The net is easily and rapidly attached to the posts using the adjustable net holders. The metal supporting posts are pushed (or hammered) into the ground and the net holders are fixed onto them. The button tape of the plastic netting is now buttoned into the height-adjustable net holders and the bottom hem is secured with the pegs, with soil or stones or if necessary is buried. The net connectors can be used to join several 100 m of netting together in a row.


» Netting only without accessories
Individual rolls of woven fabric (without accessories) for use as spares or for attaching to existing fences adjacent to roads or similar sites. Ideal for attaching by means of cable ties to mesh fencing.
Dimensions: length 100 m, height 50 cm.
Please order separately: Order No. 00 551/9

All parts are also available as a replacement at any time, please order by phone or mail.


Bestellnummer: 00 550/2
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