Multiple Bat Tubes 2FR

Installation in render, only entry visible

Installation example with 3 elements


Multiple Bat Tubes 2FR

for installation in walls


The Multiple Bat Tubes 2FR is a modified version of Type 1FR described above. Formed by installing a row of several units side-by-side, colony roosts can be created with any size required. The individual units of the 2FR are connected by preformed passages made in the sides of the units. With three different crevice types per element and integrated passageway system as access to existing building roosts. A special feature is an optional through-passage provided in the rear of the element. Material, dimensions and weight: see Bat Tube 1FR. We recommend joining at least 3 units per roost.

Material:  open-pored, breathable SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
External dimensions: W 20 x H 47,5 x D 12.5 cm.
Weight: approx. 9.8 kg.
Includes: 1x Bat Tube 2FR.

Bestellnummer: 00 755/1
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