Cavity Panel for Swifts

Cavity Panel for Swifts

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Cavity Panel for Swifts


This Cavity Panel is ideal as a facing for cavities and niches in walls to provide breeding spaces for Swifts. This board enables new nesting places to be created individually and very quickly (even at a later stage or when construction work has been completed). This board can also be easily and successfully installed when older buildings are being renovated, or on ancient walls and buildings.

The built-in rosette, forming the entrance, is one of its special features. The entire entrance can be rotated by 90° to release it, and the rosette can then be removed. This makes monitoring and cleaning much easier. If required we can supply the board without the removable rosette, and with the longitudinal aperture measuring 70 x 30 mm. To encourage Birds to occupy this nesting box and for improved results we recommend using the Nest Mould for Swifts (Order No. 00 619/6).

Siting: Easily attached to rafters, cavities or recesses in walls, using screws and wall plugs (not provided) for the four drill holes. The cover can be painted or covered with render.
Cleaning and inspection: The entrance hole insert is removable by turning it 90°.
Material: Plant fibre (100 % asbestos free) panel and wood-concrete insert.
Dimensions: Height/width 20 cm, thickness 3 cm with rose. Panel approx. 6 mm.
Entry: approx. 70 x 30 mm.
Weight: approx. 0.6 kg.
Includes: Cover, removable rose.


Bestellnummer: 00 618/9
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