Earwig Tube


Earwig (Forficula Auricularia)

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Earwigs feed mainly on greenfly, spider mites and insect larvae and eggs, as well as many of the smaller pests. It is extremely useful to gardeners in the battle against Greenfly. Earwigs are active at night and hundreds of them will gather in these tubes during the day to sleep.



Earwig Tube


Positioning: Place the tube on the cut off end of a branch. They should be located in a shady place about 5 to 10 cm above the ground. Other tubes can be distributed among bushes, trees or shrubs. Always ensure that they are not exposed to too much sunlight. In vegetable beds place the tube over a short stick about 3 to 5 cm above the ground. They require no maintenance or cleaning and can be left outdoors all year round.
Occupancy: From early May to late autumn.
Includes: 3 tubes.
Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
Dimensions: ∅ 6 cm x height 10 cm.
Weight: approx. 0.2 kg each tube.

Bestellnummer: 00 380/5
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