Hedgehog food


Please never feed Hedgehogs anything containing salt, spices or sugar, i.e. avoid any leftovers from the table. No milk! However, Hedgehogs will be grateful for some water in a shallow dish. Hedgehogs in the wild which weigh less than 500 g at the beginning of November are unlikely to survive hibernation. It is advisable to help them, and assistance is available from the many Hedgehog rescue centres.
By the way … many veterinary practices treat wild animals (including Hedgehogs) free of charge, but but you should preferably enquire beforehand.



Hedgehog food


Wholesome complete feed for hedgehogs especially with plenty of protein from meat, insects, nuts, eggs and grain. The feed has been largely adapted to hedgehogs’ natural eating habits. Ideally suitable for supporting free living hedgehogs in the summer or as food for hibernation.

Hedgehog feed 750 g  (new packaging from Summer 2018)


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