Cat Deterrent

Cat Deterrent

Putting plastic caps on ...

... and insert the individual metal elements into each other.

Thus, the belt is individually adapted to the basic circumference!

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This is used to prevent Cats from climbing trees and reaching Birds’ nests. The individual links are inserted into one another to match the circum­­ference of the tree trunk.  On trees with small trunks two can be mounted one above the other for added security.  Supplied together with protective plastic caps for the long wire ends.



Cat Deterrent

available in two sizes


Siting: Place near the Hens, etc., you are protecting. If possible, position midway between them and the perch used by the raptor. Precise positioning details are supplied.
Material: High quality glass with inner silver coating. Fit onto a wooden pole such as a broom handle, for example (not supplied). The cork supplied with this item must be used to form an insulation barrier between the glass and the pole.
Dimensions: ∅ approx. 22 cm.

Size variants:
Type for trees with a circumference of up to 70 cm → Order No. 00 260/0
Type for trees with a circumference of up to 115 cm → Order No. 00 270/9

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