Protective Front Panel for Box No. 5

Protective Front Panel at Box No. 5

Predator protection with metal sheet + front wall


Owl boxes are installed in parks and forests, not only to promote the diversity of species but also as a means of controlling the Mouse population. The Owl Boxes No. 4 and No. 5 are intended as a substitute for the large holes made by woodpeckers in old trees. These are often taken over by other types of animals, such as Squirrels. Woodpeckers occasionally use these nest boxes as an overnight roost, but each year they will drill out a new hole in a tree to lay their eggs and raise their young.



Protective Front Panel for Box No. 5

with predator protection | for retrofitting and as a replacement

Complete front panel with protection against Martens made of metal sheet for Box No. 5 (fits models made from 1980). Replacement is only supplied as a complete kit (front panel and metal sheet) to ensure accurate fitting, as the wood-concrete front panels have to have precisely positioned drillholes made in the factory in order to connect them with the sheet metal guard. On request we also make extra large sheet metal guards to increase the protective effect still further in some areas.

Material: Metal sheet 0,75 mm, galvanized and brown coated.
Weight: ca. 2.3 kg.


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