Small Bat Box 3FN

Small Bat Box 3FN

Intermediate floor against natural enemies, draft and brightness

More than 14 Soprano Pipistrelle Bats (Pipistrellus pygmaeus) in 2FN Photo: © Hans Schwarting


General information on Bat Boxes

In the case of closed Bat Boxes it is generally advisable to inspect and clean them at least 1 – 2 times a year. However, you should avoid opening summer and winter roots during May to the end of July, so that any nursery roosts are not disturbed. Winter Bat Boxes (e.g. 1FW) should not be opened from November to April, to avoid startling the animals out of their hibernation and to avoid cooling the cavity.



Small Bat Box 3FN


Specially adapted Bat Box based on the tried and tested 2FN. Thanks to the smaller entrance openings at the front and in the floor, this model provides increased protection against natural enemies. Also recommended in areas with large numbers of dormice. The intermediate floor ensures that it provides the best possible protection against small predators, draughts and bright light.
With two access options: The Bats can land on the tree trunk and crawl in from underneath through the opening in the floor, and fly away directly from the wide front entrance area. The roost is partly self-cleaning, as some droppings can fall out of the bottom of the cavity. Nonetheless, checking and cleaning are recommended if the Bat Box is used by large numbers of Bats.
The front panel can be removed easily for inspection and cleaning.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-Concrete Nest Box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.
Occupants: especially for small Bat species.
Outside diameter: ∅ 16 cm.
Height: 36 cm.
Weight: approx. 4.9 kg.
Includes: Nest box, hanger and aluminium nail.


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