Nest Box 2M

also available in brown, white, red and green (please add colour to Order No.)


Nest Box 2M

Free-hanging, to protect against Cats and deter Martens


Like the Nest Box 1B, this box also has a brood chamber with an internal diameter of 12 cm. It differs, however, in that it can be freely suspended and has a conical roof. These features protect against Cats and Deter Martens. It is very popular in private gardens and especially around fruit trees, mainly in areas where the trees are short and have many branches.
The front panels of the 1B and 2M are interchangeable. The different sized entrance holes can be matched to the predominant species of Birds in the locality. The 2M is supplied with the ordered hanger. With the FT Hanger the 2M is supplied with all the necessary attachments and three Aluminium Nails.
Product alternatively available with front panel for protection against Martens, product No. see price list.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-Concrete Nest Box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.
External dimensions: W 16 x H 35 x D 17 cm.
Interior nesting chamber: ∅ 12 cm.
Weight: approx. 3.7 kg.
Includes: Nest box, hanger and aluminium nail.

These nests are available in 4 different colours:
brown, white, red and green (please add colour to Order No.)

Available entrance hole sizes:
• ∅ 32 mm
∅ 26 mm
oval 29 x 55 mm


Entrance hole 32 mm:
Occupants: Great, Blue, Marsh, Coal and Crested Tits, Redstarts, Nuthatches, Collard and Pied Flycatchers, Tree and House Sparrows.

Entrance hole 26 mm:
Occupants: Blue, Marsh, Coal and Crested Tits. All other species are prevented from using the nest box due to this smaller entrance hole.

Entrance hole oval:
Occupants: Redstarts. Also used by species that nest in the ∅ 32 mm boxes. However, because more light enters the brood chamber, it is preferred by Redstarts.


The Nest Box 2M is available with 3 different hanging ­methods. Please choose the appropriate method using the ­corresponding order numbers.

Model FG: The FG Hanger suspends the 2M from a branch by a closed loop.
∅ 32 mm: Order No. 00 111/5
• ∅ 26 mm: Order No. 00 114/6

oval, 29 x 55 mm: Order No. 00 117/7

Model FO: The FO Hanger is hooked over a branch. Our Hanging Pole, ­Order No. 00 510/6, makes it easy to remove the box for cleaning and checking.
• ∅ 32 mm: Order No. 00 112/2
• ∅ 26 mm: Order No. 00 115/3

oval, 29 x 55 mm: Order No. 00 118/4

Model FT: This method, with a bracket to hold the box away from the tree and the FG type loop, is known as the FT Hanger. It can be attached to the trunk and offers even better protection against Cats, Dormice and Martens.
• ∅ 32 mm: Order No. 00 113/9
• ∅ 26 mm:
  Order No. 00 116/0

oval, 29 x 55 mm: Order No. 00 119/1


 Hanger, front panel and aluminum nail are supplied but can also be ordered as spare parts (see products/accessories).


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