Open-fronted Nest Box 2MR

attachment to the building, weatherproof or protected under roof protrusion

fixing with single threaded hook

unlicking the front panel

remove front panel


Native garden Birds such as Tits, Redstarts and Sparrows have made our house walls, patios and balconies their home where, next door to their human neighbours, they they breed and raise their young. At ­SCHWEGLER we have now developed a new range of nest boxes. Not only will Birds readily occupy them, they are also well styled and satisfy the necessary technical requirements.

The interior shape is similar to that of a natural hollow, and a high rate of occupancy is the result. Special features such as air-permeable, natural wood-concrete that is resistant to Woodpeckers, and a design that satisfies many of the species’ needs make up a popular and permanent Bird home that has a place directly outside the house. Inside, conditions are perfect for Birds to raise their young, indeed for many decades to come!



Open-fronted Nest Box 2MR

A perfectly styled nest box – can be fixed to house, patio or balcony walls!


Cave/rock shelter breeders prefer nest cavities on buildings. With this 2MR Open-Fronted Nest Box you create an optimum roost on a building, e.g. house, shed, garage, etc. It is easy to clean due to the removable front panel. The special front panel insert provides protection against nest robbers.

Occupants: Black Redstarts, Wagtails, Spotted Flycatchers, Robins, possibly Wrens.
Installation: on buildings, side facing away from the weather or protected under the eaves.
Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-Concrete Nest Box.
Outer dimensions: approx. W 19 x H 27 x D 23 cm.
Weight: approx. 5.2 kg.
Includes: Nest box and screw hook with universal wall plug.


Screw hook and front panel are supplied but can also be ordered as spare parts (see products/accessories).


Bestellnummer: 00 159/7
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