Nest Box Hanging Pole

Nest Box Hanging Pole

two-piece with screw thread – total length approx. 2.40 m


Nest Box Hanging Pole


The SCHWEGLER Nest Box Hanging Pole is suitable for conveniently hanging up or suspending Type 1B Nest Boxes, 2M with hanging variants FO and FT, 3S Starling Box and Open-Fronted Nest Box 2H in higher mounting locations, e.g. higher up on the tree trunk, without using a ladder. It can be dismantled into two pieces for easier transport and storage. They can be quickly and easily screwed together in the field.

Also suitable in conjunction with the »C Block (Order no. 00 193/1).

Total length: mounted approx. 2.4 m.
Metal parts galvanised, Figure shows new model (available from 09/2018).


Please note that due to the size of this item, a bulky surcharge will be charged. For deliveries outside the Federal Republic of Germany, a deviation of the bulky goods surcharge may occur.

Bestellnummer: 00 510/6
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