Stock Dove Drain Set for No. 4


Owl boxes are installed in parks and forests, not only to promote the diversity of species but also as a means of controlling the Mouse population. The Owl Boxes No. 4 and No. 5 are intended as a substitute for the large holes made by woodpeckers in old trees. These are often taken over by other types of animals, such as Squirrels. Woodpeckers occasionally use these nest boxes as an overnight roost, but each year they will drill out a new hole in a tree to lay their eggs and raise their young.



Stock Dove Drain Set

for Box No. 4 for Tengmalm’s Owl and Stock Dove


The moisture, especially that produced by Stock Dove droppings, can be drained away through a floor grille.
Stock Doves do not remove the droppings of their young. Depending on the number of young birds, several centimetres of droppings can accumulate. The Drainage Kit therefore ensures optimum Stock Dove breeding.

Weight: 0.2 kg.

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