Nest Depot

Nest Depot

Nest Depot

filled with kapok and wadding


Why not set up one of our Nest Depots to let you observe Birds and help them during the time-consuming work of building their nests? It is filled with kapok and wadding which songbirds of all kinds will readily use to construct their nests. It is reusable and easily refilled.

Material: Coated sprung steel.
Siting: Under eaves, etc., protected from rain. This will let you watch Birds close up. In schools and nurseries it can be placed close to a window if desired.

The SCHWEGLER “Nest Depot” is a reusable product that is easy to refill. The “spring” is simply pulled apart. It returns to its original shape after being filled.

ACCESSORIES:   »Nest Depot Refill
Quantity: approx. 9 – 10 fills.

Bestellnummer: 00 401/7
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