Nest Box 2H

Nest Box 2H with Black Redstart

Spotted Flycatcher (feeding)


Our nature conservation programme contains various models for Birds that nest in cavities or recesses. They are particularly suitable for species that prefer an open, balcony-type entrance area, e.g. Redstarts and Robins. The wide, open access to the clutch and the nestlings that is a feature of this type of box means that such species are often under threat from predators. The predator-proof, open-ended box 2HW helps to prevent such attacks and unprotected installation on trees can then be recommended.



Nest Box 2H


This traditional type has proved to be highly effective. It should always be installed on the outside walls of houses, barns, garden sheds, etc. It is designed to be hung so that the entrance is to one side (at an angle of 90° to the wall). The front panel can be easily removed for cleaning.

Please do not hang this type of box on a tree or bush because small predators can enter through the unprotected opening. If hung in the right place this open-fronted type will attract the species of Birds referred to above. This model has been successfully used for decades.

Occupants: Black Redstarts, Pied Wagtails, Grey Spotted Flycatchers, occasionally Robins and Wrens.
External dimensions: W 15 x H 20 x D 20 cm.
Interior of nesting chamber: ∅ 12 cm.
Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-Concrete Nest Box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.
Includes: Nest box, hanger and aluminium nail.
Weight: approx. 2.5 kg.


 Hanger, front panel and aluminum nail are supplied but can also be ordered as spare parts (see products/accessories).

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